During this pandemic, children spend most of their time at home. Here, we try to break down a few key elements in creating a chic but functional playroom for the kids to have fun at home:


Use their favorite color in the elements in the room, like walls, shelves or playmats. Remember, be colorful, as this can boost their imagination and stimulate their thinking abilities


Create a functional storage for the children’s toys, books and art & craft supplies.
A clean room helps children to be more focus and we can also train them to tidy up their own space.


Investing in high performance materials that can stand up to the everyday use of active boys & girls is a must. Using synthetic leather is an ideal solution as you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Plus, they’re easy to clean! If you have toddlers or infants, wrapping hard corners with padded leather is a great way to baby-proof in style.

Kids Playroom Application at The Alana Hotel Sentul City